*100% Natural Wood
*Completely free of toxic chemicals
*Miyota 2035 movement
*Sony SR626W Battery
*Stainless steel, nickel free clasp
*Adjustable to fit most wrists
*2 year international warranty

Weight: 26g
Case 36 mm
Case thickness 9 mm
Strap maximum length 205 mm, minimum 145 mm

Maple (BEIGE)

The wood of this tree is often used in smoke houses and in culinary arts. It's also used to create many musical instruments like the violin and the guitar.

*Depending on the season and age of wood chosen for your watch, colours can be darker or lighter than the picture. The sun, temperature, and the climate play a fundamental role in the process of colour change.

WeWOOD's packaging, incorporates mostly recycled materials, so that each box is not only recyclable but also as eco-stylish as its content.

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